Grevy’s Zebra Foal Born at Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo is without a doubt one of the best zoos in the United States. Besides its amazing exhibits, the zoo is constantly involved in conservation programs for endangered species. One of this programs led to the birth of an endangered zebra on June 13, a female Grevy’s zebra.


The foal remains to be named, but can be seen with her mother Topaz and the entire zebra herd. Topaz has proven to be an excellent mother, this being her third foal at Denver Zoo. The newborn baby zebra, with her mother always nearby, is starting to explore the surroundings.

Visitors surely enjoy beholding this new sight and should delight in watching Topaz carefully shepherding her baby around their enclosure. The foal’s father is Punda, a male zebra which the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan recommended pairing Topaz with. The pair has produced until now three beautiful offspring.

Grevy’s zebras are the largest of all zebras species, being identified by their longer legs, large rounded ears, narrower stripes, and pure white underbellies. The Grevy zebra is considered to be endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, with less than 2,000 individuals remaining.

Also known as the Imperial zebra, the Grevy’s zebra is the largest extant wild equid and the largest and most endangered of the three species of zebra – the other ones being the plains (or common) zebra and the mountain zebra. This species is mostly found in Kenya and Ethiopia, in semi-arid grasslands where it feeds on grasses, legumes, and browse.


These zebras get their name after French President Jules Grevy, to whom the first known specimen was sent in 1882. Nowadays, Grevy’s zebras have become endangered because of habitat loss, but poaching and grazing competition have also led to the decline of the species.

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Things to Do in Denver

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Denver is an extremely beautiful city and a tourist destination you just have to include into your route. There are so many things to do in Denver that your vacation here will surely turn out being a wonderful experience. Located in the state of Colorado, in the US, Denver is well known for homing the Apollo Hall, the Opera House, but also the Denver Art Museum. However, these are just few of the main spots of interest that can be visited in this fascinating city.

Things to do in Denver, in the US

Things to do in Denver – Major Family Attractions

1. The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo, Things to do in Denver

The Denver Zoo is one of the main attractions of the beautiful American city. This impressive zoo is home to more than 3699 animals, representing over 641 species. The zoo is visited by more than 1.6 million people each year. People of all ages can spend an exciting experience in the zoo. Some of the main exhibit areas within the Denver Zoo are Bear Mountain, Primates, Jewels of the Emerald Forest, Monkey Island and Cats, but also Birds, Wolf Pack Woods, Tropical Discovery and Toyota Elephant Passage.

2. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum, Things to do in Denver

If visiting Denver is an experience you will enjoy with the entire family, you should visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, too. This Denver museum was established in 1900. It is a charming natural history and science museum, featuring a wide range of exhibits. There are more than one million objects displayed within the collections of this Denver museum. Permanent exhibits include Egyptian Mummies, Expedition Health, North American Indian Cultures, Wildlife Exhibits, as well as Space Odyssey.

3. Denver Aquarium

The Denver Aquarium, Things to do in Denver

The Downtown Denver Aquarium was established in the American city in 1999. This beautiful aquarium homes more than 500 species of animals. It has a total volume of over 1 million US gallons and a floor space of about 107,000 square feet. There are numerous exhibit areas within Denver Aquarium. They include North America, Indonesia River Journey, the Sumatran Tigers, as well as the Sea of Cortez.

As you can see, there are many things to do in Denver if you are visiting the city with your entire family. In fact, there are so many great attractions in this city that the only difficulty you will meet will be choosing between them all. Make sure to include into your route the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum, but also the Denver aquarium. These spots of interest will surely entertain you in the best manner possible.

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Denver Zoo Coupons 2013

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Denver Zoo is a charming place to visit with the entire family. If you have visited this zoo once, you will surely be pleased to be in this charming spot again. You may be willing to visit the Toyota Elephant Passage Exhibit, an exhibit area of the zoo that will offer you the possibility to enjoy a wonderful experience. Naturally, this is just one of the newest and most impressive exhibits you will find within Denver Zoo. There are many other attractions you can visit in this spot.


Well, visiting a zoo with the entire family can turn out costing you quite a big sum of money. So, the admission ticket can be pretty pricey, but there are some simple ways in which you can make great savings. If you are willing to save some money when visiting Denver Zoo, you should look for discount coupons. Luckily, in 2013 you can access great discounts on your admission to Denver Zoo. Participating Wendy’s restaurants offer coupons of $4 off value for single daytime admissions to Denver Zoo. More coupons mean more money saved by your family.

Saving $4 at every admission ticket to the zoo is without a doubt an amazing idea. A coupon may also bring you a Behind the Scenes Tour of the newest exhibit of Denver Zoo, the Toyota Elephant Passage.


If you are planning a trip to Denver and you want to visit the charming zoo located here, looking for discount coupons online is also an option. This means that you can easily find Denver Zoo coupons for 2013 on online sources. Start your search by checking out the official site of the zoo. Here you may find discount coupons, but you will also get the opportunity to buy a ticket online. You may enjoy lower costs when completing this transaction using online sources.

Below you can find the list of prices applied at Denver Zoo throughout the entire year, prices established depending on the age of the visitor.

Ages 12-64
Admission price between March and October=$15
Admission price between November and February=$12

Ages 65+
Admission price between March and October=$12
Admission price between November and February=$10

Ages 3-11
Admission price between March and October=$10
Admission price between November and February=$8

2 and under
Admission price between March and October=FREE
Admission price between November and February=FREE

Visiting Denver Zoo is an amazing choice, whenever you are in this part of the United States. Make sure not to miss this venue and you will surely enjoy a wonderful experience.

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Free Admission to Denver Zoo and Other Local Attractions

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If a trip to Denver is coming up in the near or distant future and you want to visit all the great attractions that this city has to offer, then you must not miss seeing the Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Botanic Gardens, and all the other great local hot spots. What if I told you that you can visit these attractions for free on certain days in 2013?


The free visiting days are partially funded by the citizens of the metro area via the Science and Cultural Facilities District’s 0.1% sales and use tax.

If you missed visiting the Denver Zoo on January 11, January 12, January 23, February 3, February 4, and February 21, you still have the chance to visit is free of charge on November 4, November 5, November 15, and November 21. So, if your trip to Denver is scheduled for November or you are a local who simply wants to save on admission, remember these days!


The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is another wonderful attraction, interesting for both children and adults. The museum will offer free admission on May 12, June 3, July 1, July 21, August 11, August 19, September 8, October 6 and December 9. just remember that free admission is just to the museum — it does not include special events, the IMAX theater or the Planetarium.

Another museum offering free admission is the Denver Art Museum, which you can visit free of charge on the first Saturday of the month and other select days. The free admission days in 2013 are June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7, October 5, November 2 and December 7.


The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield are surely worth seeing, so see them for free on June 7, August 2, and November 1.

If you want to visit the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys – which children will particularly enjoy – know that this institution handles free days in a different way. The museum offers a ‘pay what you can’ family free day on the first Sunday of every month, suggesting a donation of $1.

The Children’s Museum of Denver, another great attraction for kids, offers free admission on the first Tuesday of the month from 4 to 8 pm. The 2013 days when you can visit it for free are May 7 and June 4 so far.


As you can see, the most popular and visited tourist attractions in Denver offer several days a year admission free. Other local groups also offer free days. These include the Golden History Museums, Colorado Wind Ensemble, and Aurora History Museum. Nevertheless, the Denver Zoo and the amazing museums housed by the city of Denver are surely worth seeing anytime, so plan your visit strategically!

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First Baby Gerenuk at the Denver Zoo

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Spring came early at the Denver Zoo, which welcomed the first ever baby gerenuk calf just over two weeks before the first day of March.

Possible through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, baby gerenuk Blossom was born March 6 to parents Woody and Layla, as zoo officials announced. Woody came from the Los Angeles Zoo and Layla from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as part of the species survival plan.

Blossom is Layla’s first calf and she is proving to be a very attentive mother, frequently making sure to clean and check on her baby. The calf has just started to venture out into the hard and it seems that she really enjoys being outside. She also enjoys spending time in a cubby hole between some rocks.

This survival plan is a program used by zoos to make sure that captive populations of endangered species remain healthy, said Tiffany Barnhard, spokesperson at the Denver Zoo. “The process of the program is not a simple one. It’s very precise”, she said.

According to the Los Angeles Zoo, gerenuks are considered to be “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of the Nature. This species is declining in number because it is hunted for its skin, but habitat loss is another reason behind their endangerment.

Gerenuks are small antelopes from semiarid areas of eastern Africa, inhabiting bushland, thickets and thorn bush. Their name means “giraffe-necked” in the Somali language, according to the zoo.

Adults of the species weigh between 60 and 100 pounds and can stand about three and a half feet tall at the shoulder, but have long, thin necks as well. Gerenuks also have specially designed hips and pelvises which give them the unique ability to stand up completely vertical on their hind legs. This nearly doubles their height as they browse for hard to reach leaves and twigs in trees“, the Denver Zoo said in a statement.

Blossom is not the only animal born through the survival plan at the Denver Zoo. Other recently born animals include Makar, an Amur leopard, as well as new primates, birds and reptiles. All these new additions have already been introduced to the public, so if you are in the area, make sure you stop by the zoo and visit them. And don’t forget to search for Denver Zoo coupons first!

This small antelope species is known to be shy and are expert hiders, but you may be able to catch a glimpse of Blossom in her yard now, depending on the weather, naturally.

Image source: Huffington Post

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Visiting Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo is without a doubt one of the most beautiful zoos in the United States. The charming venue has an area of 80 acres, being located in the City Park of Denver, Colorado. This zoo was first founded in 1896. Nowadays, the beautiful venue is home to no less than 3,600 animals. Over 641 species of animals can be visited here. Having under consideration the amazing setting of Denver Zoo, there is no wonder that the spot is visited by no less than 1.6 million tourists each year. If you plan on visiting Denver Zoo, as well, you can rest assured that there is really no way you could have made a better choice.


There are 6 main exhibits within Denver Zoo. They are Predator Ridge, North Shores, Tropical Discover, Elephant Passage, Primate Panorama and Bear Mountain. Visiting all these beautiful parts of Denver Zoo will surely be great. Well, if you want to make some savings and visit all there is to see in this charming zoo, you should use Denver Zoo coupons. With Denver Zoo coupons you can actually enjoy great discounts. This means that you will be able to highly reduce your costs and still enjoy a wonderful time while visiting the zoo.

How to find Denver Zoo coupons? Well, nothing easier! These discount coupons may actually be found online. You can check out the official site of the zoo to search for coupons. Constantly, the zoo offers its visitors coupons to help them visit the wonderland at a lower cost. The value of a discount coupon may vary depending on the valid offers of the zoo. This means that while sometimes you may find coupons of 5%, 10% or 15%, in some occasions you may actually enjoy 30% or even 50% discount when visiting the zoo.


Denver Zoo can easily be described as a spectacular venue. Visiting it is a wonderful choice, so make sure to include this spot into your route whenever you are in Denver’s area. Take your family out to Denver Zoo and you will all be able to spend a wonderful afternoon.

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Denver Zoo – Exhibits

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Denver Zoo is a beautiful zoo located in City Park, in Denver, Colorado, United States. This zoo first opened in 1896, having an area of 80 acres. The zoo houses more than 3,600 animals, representing over 641 species. More than 1.6 million people visit Denver Zoo each year. There are numerous spectacular exhibits that can be found within this zoo. Below you can read more about some of them.

1. Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is one of the historical exhibits of the zoo. It first opened in 1918, although throughout the years it has been under a complex restoration process. Nowadays, this exhibit area within Denver Zoo is home to grizzly bears, Asiatic black bears and coati.


2. Primate Panorama

Primate Panorama has an area of more than 7 acres. It generally houses apes and large primates. Here you will find one of the largest Gorilla habitats in the world, the animals climbing and running freely. In this area of the zoo you will also be able to see the Monkey House.

3. Cats Predator Ridge

This is one of the largest exhibit areas within Denver Zoo. It represents the African Savanna, so here visitors will be able to see species such as lions, hyenas and African wild dogs. Within this part of the zoo you will see the Feline House, too, which actually dates back to 1964.


4. Pachyderm Habitat

This exhibit area homes rhinos and hippos. Visitors will also be able to see here elephants and Malayan tapirs. Hoofed mammals at Denver zoo include zebras, giraffes, but also camels and deers.

5. Birds

The birds exhibit is quite impressive. There are more than 200 species of birds that can be visited in this area. Numerous rare and endangered species can also be found in this part of the Denver Zoo.


There are just five of the most important exhibit areas you can visit within Denver Zoo. There are numerous other great species you can find here, so make sure to visit the entire zoo. It will definitely be a wonderful experience for people of all ages, including here both children and adults.

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Boo At The Zoo

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The Denver Zoo is the first AZA institution to have received certification, being the proof that meets the environmental management standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


The Denver Zoo hosts many events, one the them being Boo At The Zoo Scares Up Family Fun In October. The zoo offers a wonderful weekend of great events for kids and families on the evening of October 26 and Boo At the Zoo during daytime on October 27 and 28.


Visitors will have the opportunity to celebrate Halloween earlier. Families and kids can dress in their favourite Halloween costumes. They can also enjoy up-close encounters, great food and beverages, so they will have a great time for sure.


This amazing event includes over 25 creepy crawly stations, trick-of-treat stations, as well as many other exciting demonstrations. There will also be told many stories about extinct animals and endangered species. The Denver Zoo encourages children to wear used Halloween costumes and to bring with them their reusable bags or buckets in order to collect treats.


In the event will participate goblins, princesses, as well as zooperheros, so it will be an amazing experience for the entire family. There will be coupons given on this occasions. For more details, people should enter the zoo’s website or call and ask the staff more details. Such a wonderful event at the Denver Zoo and great opportunity to save and to have fun, should not be missed.

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Denver Zoo – A Must See

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The Denver Zoo is a wonderful facility located in City Colorado, USA. The zoo is accredited by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, being also a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


The Denver Zoo houses animal species from all over the world and is divided into several areas such as:

  • Bear Mountain is one of the first natural-style zoo exhibits in North America and he first one that used concrete rocks.
  • Primates area is home mainly to apes and various large primates
  • The Shamba provides a view of a Central West African village and here you will also find red river hogs
  • Jewels of the Emerald Forest it features four primate environments such as South American forest floor and forest canopy, Malagasy and primates of the night
  • Monkey house was the original primate exhibit and toady is home to various monkey species
  • Monkey Island houses many monkeys. Nearby it, you will also find also aquatic birds
  • Predator Ridge represents the African savanna


The zoo is huge, so it houses many other interesting sections. If you have already headed to the Denver Zoo, stop! You can save a lot of money if you will get Denver Zoo coupons. You can easily find such coupons inside of various brochures, at the hotels, in newspapers, magazines, at the grocery or at a local company that partners up with this zoo.


You can also save money if you visit the zoo on your birthday. The zoo is a member of various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, so on these pages you may find out more about announcements, offers, promotions and coupons.

Local grocery store websites featuring area attractions can also provide coupons for great saving at the Denver Zoo. You can also find coupons by checking the website of the zoo. All you have to do is to check their availability, print them or keep them on your smart phone, so it’s very easy.

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Denver Zoo Today

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The Denver Zoo is one of the most famous and incredible venues in Denver, Colorado, which first opened in 1896 and now is home to many and various animal species. Denver zoo coupons are a great way through which visitors can save money and visit all the attractions of this zoo. Zoo coupons can be found inside tourist brochures or guides, as well as through online websites, but also on the Denver Zoo website. Additionally, visitors can also benefit from discounts in case they come in groups of 10 or more people. Those who buy membership will also benefit from incredible discounts and this way, they will keep their money in their pocket.


The Denver Zoo is a wonderful place, home to over 4,000 animals and has over 1.6 million visitors each year. The main attractions of the zoo are wolves, kangaroos, gorillas, as well as lions, tigers, bears, otters, but the diversity is impressive, so there are other amazing animals.

Here you can admire this incredible zoo:



Visitors can buy membership to the zoo, so they will receive free admissions all year, but there are other types of discounts such as group kids and larger groups discounts. To find out more about Denver Zoo coupons, tourists should look on the zoo’s website and with a few clicks, they will save a lot of money. Nonetheless, they have to check the date when zoo coupons expire and they also have to print them. Plus, there are also a few days during the fall and the winter when people can visit this zoo for free, which is great.


Visitors can obtain Denver Zoo coupons by following the zoo on various social networks or sign up for newsletters, so they can stay in touch with the latest announcements, offers and promotions and they can also find out when zoo coupons are available. Visitors can also find zoo coupons on the websites of local grocery stores, but they can also find them at museums, parks and many other public attractions.


It’s incredible that this wonderful zoo began with the donation of a single orphan American black bear and today it has 80 acres of land in City Park. The zoo is now home to numerous animals, being a wonderful place to visit, where people have a lot of fun, but they also find out new things about nature, animals and habitats. This zoo is a wonderful place for both kids and adults.

The Denver Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals that will surely impress you:

Today, the zoo is home to new habitats such as:

  • Primate Panorama
  • Predator Ridge
  •  Tropical Discovery
  • The Dragons of Komodo exhibit

A few exhibits are rare, unique and three species are actually extinct in the wild, but visitors can admire them if they will visit this venue. Find more about this wonderful zoo here

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